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Handheld Temperature Meter and Probes

TM20 $270.00

Product Description:

Calibrate any of our products with the same meter we use. The TM20 Temperature Meter is digital, easy to use, accurate and has the exact temperature probe for your application.

The TM20 is a type K meter that reads temperature from -50.0°C to 650.0°C or from -58.0°F to 999.9°F. Accuracy is ± 0.05% of the reading ± 0.7°C or ± 1.3°F.

When calibrating the chamber temperature of an incubator use the TM20 with soft wire probe # TM101. When calibrating the plate surface temperature of the hot plates use the TM20 and the surface temperature probe Model TM102.

When checking a solution temperature, use the TM20 and the immersion probe # TM103. Also, to calibrate the probe circuit on a digital hot plate use the probe calibration kit # HS30-700.

Accessories Available:

TM101 Temperature Probe, soft-wire, 3 feet $65.00
TM102 Probe, Surface temperature $130.00
TM103 Probe, Solution, 6” stainless steel $90.00